US $ 3.600

240 x 90 cm

Camplá’s artwork is characterized by vigorous, fluid and confident lines that seem to emerge from the depths of his unconscious self. None of them have a determined purpose. They just are. Simple and straight-forward. Never a doubt in their appearance. It’s a form of honest and humble “writing”. Written by what some could call a “non-will”. A lack of self and an abundance of it at the same time.

For the artist, painting is like a form of zen, of total presence and absolute absence. There is only the present, a canvas and deep-flowing action. The rest does not exist.

The result is full of organic forms that seem to emerge from a magical and profound land. A land that never runs dry, and never ends. Each painting can be observed for hours at a time, and you will always find new details, new shapes and new interpretations.

We could say his work is a kind of serendipity, a happy accident, a pleasant surprise created by a hand led by unconscious forces, by sparkling lights and striking colours that come from deep within.

There is also a continuous process of investigation, discovery and transformation.That means never sticking to what one has already done before. Never playing it safe. Always portraying a different insight. Trying to convey it to the outside world, but always maintaining that sort of psychic and physical automatism that allows an absolute truthfulness in every stroke.

For the painter, nonetheless, each painting is to be conceived like a Roscharch test. Every person sees a different thing in them according to their own interests. They can all find their own insights, so the spectator becomes in a way also the creator of his own world through each work. Even giving a title to his pieces becomes a real chore because the artist does not want to influence the spectator’s perception of them. There is no doubt that conceptually, his psychological studies, and freudian theories in particular, are leading ideas for this profound path, this highway between the inside and the outside world. It is quite the journey of self discovery mapped out on the canvas through acrylic paints, charcoal, pencils and other techniques. In that respect, it is very interesting to notice that the artist very rarely uses a paintbrush in his creations. Most of them do not even feature them at all, so as “not to restrict the freedom of the creative act”.